Je suis investisseur dans quelques start-ups que j’ai souvent découvert alors qu’elles n’étaient que des projets dans la tête de leurs fondateurs. Ma passion pour les entrepreneurs me poussent à accompagner les projets auxquels je crois parmi lesquels :



ISAI’s creation stems from a shared vision from a group of entrepreneurs who successfully created businesses in the IT, media, and mainly in the internet industry, to have their own professional and structured vehicle to manage direct investments in digital companies.

Melty group

The meltygroup galaxy is composed of 14 sites based on general news, thematics and entertainment. Leader on the 12-17 readers ( the 18-30 ones ( with its thematics, its international counterparts and with,, and, meltygroup is the first media group focused on the young person.


With KEECKER bring your house to the next level where any wall becomes a screen, any room a concert hall, where your family shares magic moments, where technology is no longer a burden… The home you’ve been dreaming of. The home you’ll have with KEECKER.

Fans Nation

Fans Nation is a young and dynamic start-up based in Geneva but active on the international scale. It intends to enhance the experiences and level of engagement for football fans wanting to get closer to their clubs. We are all about empowering fans to connect with and contribute to their respective teams.

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